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March 23 2017

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Kent Rogowski: Love = Love, 2006-2008

Love=Love is a series of collages that were created using pieces of over 60 store bought puzzles. Although puzzle pieces are unique, and can only fit into one place within a puzzle, they are sometimes interchangeable within a brand. These puzzles were cut using the same die, but depict unrelated images. Using only the flowers and skies from each of the puzzles, I created a series of entirely new compositions by recombining the puzzle pieces. These spectacular, fantastical and surreal landscapes sit in direct contrast to the banal and bucolic images of the original puzzles. (artist statement)

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February 27 2017

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© Gloria Rodríguez, Sevilla 2016

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Art by Vera Pavlova from a Russian children’s book.

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Foxgloves and Finches

by Annie Soudain 

February 26 2017

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Giovanni Garcia-Fenech

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February 25 2017

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Adventures in solitude, Mario Pucic

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I feel fine/nothing, Luke Chueh

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The Purple Tree Cocktail Lounge, Manger Hamilton Hotel, Washington, D.C., 1950s-60s (image via Streets of Washington)

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Koshiro Onchi, Mirror, 1930

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h e a v e n

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Portland, 2017. 

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